• Facial Masks For A Glowing Skin in Monsoon

    17 October 2015

    Monsoons can create havoc on your glowing skin and with continuous rains outside it may become a little difficult to keep up with your salon appointments. So, we bring to you a few facials with the help of natural ingredients, which will make your skin glow and keep it healthy.

    Follow these quick noticeable tips before you start off with your daily routine as it always not advisable to apply these face packs everyday .

    • Never leave home even without applying sunscreen even on a cloudy day.
    • Applying toothpaste on an unwanted pimple overnight helps in killing the bacteria, dries out the pus and reduces the infection.
    • Applying ice once or twice a day is also good. Always carry wet wipes to keep your skin moist.
    • Intake of Vitamin C in your diet also helps your skin look healthy from inside.

    I hope this article suggested you the maximum benefits on how to keep your skin healthy throughout the season without losing your natural sheen and good looks. Feel free to share this article and let me know your views via the below comments section.