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Love passed between them like a field of light —Ellen Gilchrist. My love is like foliage in the woods. Time will change it as winter changes the trees —Emily Bronte. The love described is Cathy’s for Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.Lovepricks like a thorn —William ShakespeareLoveroots up the will like a leaf —Gustave FlaubertLovers are always in a hurrylike a racing river —Ben Ames WilliamsLovers fail like seasons —F. D. ReeveLove’s dominion, like a king’s, admits of no partition —OvidLove sometimes is like the flower of the wild poppy: you can’t carry it home —Jaroslav SeifertLove was a treadmill, like churchgoing —Elizabeth HardwickLove washes on me like rain on a dead man’s shoes —Ellen GilchristLove without grace is like a hook without bait —Anne de LencosLove without respect is cold as a boa constrictor —Marge Piercy. In her poem, Witnessing a Wedding, Piercy continues with its caresses as choking. Loving someone that much younger is like taking a trip to a foreign country —Ellen GilchristMaking love to a woman too many times is like scratching a place that doesn’t itch any more —Anon, Playboy, 1965A man in love may behave like a madman but not like a dunce —Francois, due de La Rochefoucauld. Man has been substituted for gentleman to give the simile a more modern tone. The man who is not loved hovers like a vulture over the sweetheart of others —Victor HugoMy heart simmered with angry love like chicken soup on grandma’s stove —James Atlas

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